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Toilet Repair Palm Desert, CA

Do you need a toilet repair or replacement in Palm Desert, CA? Whether it is a back up and the toilet is overflowing onto the floor, water running constantly, or an old and inefficient model it is not fun to deal with it.

Leave the tough job of a toilet repair or replacement to the professionals - here at Accurate One Air Conditioning. We have the best tools and techniques to ensure your toilets are working in excellent condition. While working on your toilet needs, we are sure to always leave a clean area and never disrupt your daily routine.


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Expert Toilet Repair in Palm Desert, CA
and Surrounding Areas

If your toilet is always clogging then it may be a sign of a mineral build-up or unflushable items making their way into the toilet. We will gladly inspect and pull your toilet to replace any old or incorrect wax rings, fix broken or misaligned toilet flanges, and fix any constantly running water issues. Other repair issues that may occur involve wobbling toilets, cracks, surface damage, and leaks.

There are many cosmetic benefits to getting a toilet replaced as well. Homeowners often want to upgrade their round toilet to an elongated toilet, which is more comfortable to use by having added space. There are even high-efficiency models that reduce your water consumption in today’s market to drastically lower your water utility bill. These efficient toilets are renowned for having 2 flush options for less or more water used depending on the user’s need.

Frequently clogging toilets or water at the toilet base are a red flag for a toilet repair. It is a huge bother dealing with water rising dangerously close to the brim or even running over and causing a mess. Whether you are having frequent overflows or unknown water leaks it is important to have us inspect it immediately.
Your toilet is a fixture that your home uses the most, and it is susceptible to problems from time to time. Let Accurate One Services repair your toilet by giving us a call today or scheduling an appointment now.


Signs of a Toilet Repair or Replacement:

Red Star
Red Star
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Water coming from the base of toilet when flushing

Toilet is wobbling in either direction when sitting

There are frequent clogs that occur easily

The water bill has increased surprisingly

There is apparent damage to the surface

There is water leaking and foul odors

Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Spartanburg’s Trusted Toilet Replacement Team

While we do everything possible to avoid a toilet replacement, sometimes it is necessary. For example, functional damages to the toilet such as cracks are best to replace immediately since the crack will only get worse over time and cause further damage to your home by leaking water. Other instances involve a damaged or discolored toilet that may be working correctly but has become an eyesore.

Since 2014, our respectful and experienced team of licensed and highly trained plumbers have been working hard to service the homes of Palm Desert residents. We are family-owned and operated who offer HVAC, and Plumbing, services to all the residents in Palm Desert, California. We are well known for truly caring for our customers and treating their home like ours while offering the most affordable industry prices.

Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help improve your home’s toilet comfort and functionality.

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