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Heat Pumps Services Palm Desert, CA


 Accurate One Services: If you are looking to have maintenance, repairs, or installations for heat pumps then Accurate One Services is here to help.


Having a heat pump can be a great thing, if it is functioning properly. They are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and provide both cooling and heating for your home.


Heat pumps are electric and have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Government regulations are phasing out gas heaters and driving homeowners to electric heat pumps to service their heating needs.


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Heat Pump Repair

Find Quality Heat Pumps in Palm Desert and Surrounding California areas

The technology behind heat pumps has also been improving making them more affordable and an ideal choice for new home construction or swapping out old gas furnace systems. They are also considerably safer due to having no ignitable gas sources, zero hot surfaces, and no emitting harmful toxins in the air.

As a family owned-operated company we treat you like family by offering affordable and excellent heat pump services. We are experts at quickly determining your heat pumps issue and making the repairs right the first time. Additionally, if needed we offer the latest models of heat pumps that are made in the USA and offered at unbeatable prices.

Heat Pump Benefits Include:

Red Star
Red Star
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Energy efficiency

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Space Efficient

Both Heating + Cooling Capabilities

Red Star - Accurate One Services

Heat Pump Maintenance in the
Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley

We are always happy to help you with your heat pump issues no matter how small or large the project is. Heat pumps are complex and have many moving parts that can lose efficiency or stop working properly at any time. We offer emergency services for this instance and can visit your home to inspect your heat pump and determine the cause of the issue. We will stay until you get reliable heat, so you can trust us to get it done correctly.

We run regular maintenance on heat pumps as you want to make sure the system is performing correctly. If regular maintenance is ignored then costly repairs or full system replacements will happen more quickly than they should. By testing the system completely and cleaning it will ensure you get the full lifespan out of your heat pump.


During maintenance we will check for loose connections, repair any bad parts, and make improvements where required. It is important to have annual maintenance visits from us to ensure your heat pump system is tuned up and you are comfortable all year long.

Heating Pump Installation in Palm Desert, CA

Having a heat pump installation in Palm Springs begins with selecting a system that matches the heating requirements of your home. Our expert technicians do this by measuring the heated square footage of your home and inspecting the duct work as well as air handler.

At Accurate One Services we ensure your heat pump is energy efficient and sized perfectly. This will ensure that you are getting a system that is not too large which will cost more to operate due to cycling on and off frequently, or too small which will not heat your home completely. We are always careful to consider the heating rating is HSPF 10+ and the cooling rating is SEER 14+.

If you are looking for heat pump maintenance or installation in your California home, reach out to our team at Accurate One Air Conditioning.

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