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Furnace Services in Palm Desert, CA

 Accurate One Air Conditioning specializes in top-notch installation and repair services for your heating system. Let us keep your home comfortable in any season with our expert solutions and dedicated customer care. Benefit from our reliable, efficient HVAC services that ensure your system is running perfectly year-round. Experience the precision and quality that makes Accurate One Air Conditioning the trusted choice for all your heating needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment and take your home comfort to the next level!

 Your new heater may be installed with an outdoor air conditioning condenser or without, depending on your request. We can design a system that works for you. Upgrade your comfort with our customized heating solutions and enjoy the perfect indoor climate all year round.

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Excellent Furnace Repair and Installation in Palm Desert, CA or Surrounding Areas

Having a gas furnace run safely is very important. You may suddenly notice that your furnace will not turn on, the carbon monoxide detector is going off, or the thermostat readings are not right. These are all furnace issues in addition to the complete absence of heat, and indicates you need a furnace inspection. Regardless of the problem, our trusted technicians will use their experience to completely assess your furnace and perform needed repairs to guarantee your home is warm and comfortable.

The Heating Services We Offer Include:

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Red Star - Accurate One Services

Heating Maintenance

Heating Tune-up

System Check

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Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Ductless Heating

Air Handlers


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Red Star
Red Star - Accurate One Services

System Cleaning

Heating Repair

Duct Insulation

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Red Star - Accurate One Services

Heat Pumps


Heating Replacement / Installation

Heating Maintenance Services

You need your home heating system to work consistently to keep your home comfortable. This is why it is important to schedule regular heating inspections and maintenance when living in Palm Desert, CA and surrounding areas. Annual tune-ups keep your home’s furnace running better, longer, and prevent repairs or full system replacements.

When our technicians arrive for a service visit we inspect the system entirely to determine what is going on. If there are any problematic parts we’ll inform you and install them immediately.

Our Maintenance Services Include:

New Furnace Benefits Include:

  • Checking gas connections

  • Cleaning pilot light and burners

  • Cleaning dust and debris

  • Testing thermostats

  • Tightening electric connections

  • Testing blower fan

  • Lubricating parts

  • + more!

  • Reduced heating bills

  • Maximum energy efficiency

  • Consistent hot air when you need it

  • Minimal repair and maintenance needs

  • Increased value of home

  • Warmer home

  • Less increasing the temperature

  • Less gas used - better for the planet

Heating Installation Services

The winter months can get very cold so having a properly functioning furnace is a must for your comfort. Whether you require an initial furnace installation for a new home, or replacing an existing system our veteran technicians are up for the task! We also have available financing options to help you take care of your new HVAC purchase.

If it is time for a full furnace system installation or replacement, Accurate One Air Conditioning is your reliable company to turn to. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting a new furnace to perfectly fit your home. We offer customers unbeatable prices and top-quality products to increase their savings on heating efficiency.


Throughout the process we’ll offer expert advice and guidance to get you exactly what your home needs. We will be on call to put in a new furnace when you and your family needs it most. We look forward to assisting you with all of your furnace maintenance, repair, and installation needs. Contact Accurate One Air Conditioning today to get started!

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