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Ductless Mini Splits Palm Desert, CA


 Making the choice to install a ductless mini split air conditioning unit in your home may be one of the best things you do this year. These devices allow you to zone and cool specific rooms without the use of any ductwork. This is a great cost-effective method to cool smaller homes, older homes without ductwork, or even garages and outside buildings.

 At Accurate One Air Conditioning, we specialize in servicing and installing ductless air conditioning mini split systems in Palm Desert, CA, and the Coachella Valley. With a focus on best practices, we guarantee professional installation and optimal performance for your heating and cooling needs.

Call us today for expert repair or installation of your ductless mini split system and experience perfect comfort year-round!

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What Exactly is a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner?

There are 2 main parts of a ductless mini split, which are the indoor handling unit and the outdoor compressor. Using this combination, you can send cool or warm air into your designated living space all year round. The indoor handling unit is a wall mounted device that sends conditioned air into your home and comes with a remote for controlling settings such as strength of fan, temperatures, timers, and much more. Whereas, the outdoor compressor is what creates the cool or warm air - and expels the old air outside like a traditional HVAC unit. There is a connecting pipe that goes on the outside of your home to connect the 2 parts. This device is electrical and Accurate One Air Conditioning will help you determine the correct power or BTUs for your needs, as well as installing the best products in the market.

Who Uses Ductless Mini-Splits?

You will often see ductless air conditioners in homes do not have spacing between the floors or walls for ducts to be installed. Additionally, they have become much more common in residential homes looking to optimize cooling and heating for certain rooms without controlling the entire home’s unit. This allows a perfect environment for someone who may like it colder or warmer than the rest of the family prefers. This way the whole family can be happy, and reduce your repairs and energy bills by no longer constantly adjusting the thermostat. Additionally, they have been widely used for garages and outdoor buildings where you want convenient cooling and heating.

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Ductless AC Units Vs. Standard Window AC Units

These ductless AC units are much more efficient and reliable than standard window A/C units. They are more energy efficient to operate, in addition to offering improved heating and cooling power.  Since they are mounted flush on the wall in a preferred location, they blend in with the room and you will not have to worry about sacrificing a window. The ductless A/C units also operate quieter and have no condensation pan that bugs are drawn to.


Standard window A/C units are well known to allow bug invasions by not fitting tightly in the window and having standing water. There are also common occurrences of the window A/C units falling out of the window that causes harm to people or cars, and makes the unit inoperable. For all these reasons, people are turning to ductless A/C units and Accurate One Air Conditioning can help set yours up when you contact us today!

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