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Air & Water Filters Palm Desert, CA

Filters for Water and Air are now essential to maintaining our health. You can taste it in the water, and smell it in the air. We are becoming more aware that the tap water and outside air quality is not as safe or clean as it once was.

It has become a necessity to implement additional filtration devices for your home's water supply for bathing and sink faucet for drinking. As well as incorporating an air purification device in your home's air conditioning unit.

It's a protection for you and your family to enjoy the present and help stay healthy in the future. At Accurate One Services, we offer the best brand's key products to assist your home with air and water filtration.


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Home System Water Filter

Air Purification Tools

MERV HVAC Vent Filters

These filters improve indoor air quality by capturing large portions of airborne particles. They don't increase your energy costs  significantly and fit neatly into your HVAC system.

APCO HVAC Ultraviolet Filter (UV) System

The UV bulbs are an excellent defense to enhance your home's air quality by destroying mold, bacteria, and viruses throughout your home.


APCO home system HVAC air filter

Water Filtration Tools

APEC RO Sink Filter

APEC Sink Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems:

This system offers bottled-quality drinking water, while removing up to 99% of harmful contaminants like chlorine, odors, and unpleasant tastes.

APCO HVAC Ultraviolet Filter (UV) System

These filters are great at removing metals, chlorine, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), chloramines and more to deliver chemical-free water to each faucet in your household.

We’ve carefully analyzed the hundreds of brands and devices in the market today to identify the best devices to do an effective job while keeping the cost down. Additionally, we’ll custom fit these air and water purification tools to meet your home’s specific needs. These items will give you immediate results, and enhance your home’s value as well.

People Who Value Air & Water Purification Devices

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Elderly Adults
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Your Health & Safety Is Important To Us

As we know our health is wealth and is the most important thing to consider. It determines our ability to go about our daily lives with enjoyment and prosperity. We truly want people in our community to be healthy and live safely. Without good health comes very difficult times, but this can be prevented with ensuring the air we breathe and water we drink is clean.


Simply having an expert from Accurate One Services to successfully install an air and water purification device can bring about tremendous health benefits. We want you to remain in good health so our great country can continue to strive for greatness.


Contact us today for an evaluation of your home and to discuss these air and water purification devices further.


Get in touch with us by Contacting Our Specialist today and we can begin improving your quality of life with our air and water purification devices.

Whole home water filter
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