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Heating Services in Palm Desert, CA

Stay warm with help from Accurate One Air Conditioning!


When you call on Accurate One Air Conditioning for heating in Palm Desert, CA and The Coachella Valley you can be assured that you're in experienced hands.


 We can help you with all heating services and manufacturers and equipment including, gas furnaces, heat pumps, and radiant heating. We can assist you with heating maintenance, repairs and installation.

 Contact us for seamless service and upfront pricing. We will get all of your heating services done with the highest customer satisfaction.

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Heater Repair Services in Palm Desert, CA and Surrounding Areas

When you choose us to come service your gas furnace, heat pump, or radiant heating we will provide a quick successful solution and make sure it is affordable. There are many different issues that can go wrong with your heating system. It could be acting differently due to it needing replacement or just a simple fix. We will work hard to diagnose any heating issues that your home may be facing.


Some Heating Issues We Can Assist With Are:

Red Star
Red Star
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Thermostat not producing warm air or turning on

Strange noises like banging, whistling, or clicking

Sudden increases in your heating bill

Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Parts of the house are too cold or hot

Weak airflow from your duct-work

The pilot light not staying lit

Keeping You Warm All Winter

During the winter you want a reliable and properly working heating system that keeps you and your family warm. We can help you with all heating services and products including; gas furnaces, heat pumps, and radiant heating.


Whether you've just noticed your heating isn't working, or need a system maintenance inspection give us a call. Our friendly and fast team is here to make sure your home heat system is working correctly all winter long.


Sometimes furnaces can break down at the worst times - like the middle of a cold winter night. This happens more than you'd expect! That is why we are here offering Emergency Heating Services to homes and businesses in the Palm Desert, California area. Whatever the time it is - don't hesitate to give us a call. We will address the problem quickly and get you back to living safely and comfortably.

Schedule A Heating Tune Up Today

Your heating system is engineered for long-term use of 10-15 years and we'll make sure you get the full lifespan out of it. We'll accomplish this for you with taking proper preventative measures and replacing part failures to keep it running smoothly.

We have the latest technology tools to assess your problem and get it fixed right the first time at the lowest cost. Respecting our customers, we offer the lowest rates in the area. Our expert technicians treat you and your home with the respect you deserve. With a seamless service and upfront pricing, we will get all of your heating services done with high customer satisfaction.

Contact Our Specialist today for us to come inspect, clean, or repair your heat system so it's efficiency can be optimized.

We also offer professional air conditioning and plumbing services.

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