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Sump Pump Services Palm Desert, CA

Having a wet and damp basement, slab or crawl space is not a good situation and should be addressed quickly. There are devices known as sump and ejector pumps that have been designed to take on this issue and alleviate the moisture for your home’s foundation.

Our technicians are skilled at repairing or installing both sump pumps and ejector pumps in Palm Desert, CA plus the surrounding areas. We will get your below ground environment in excellent condition to prevent mold or insects that thrive on groundwater moisture.

Contact Accurate One Air Conditioning today to repair your sump pump or learn if your home could benefit from one being installed.

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Why Do I Need a Sump or Ejector Pump?

Most people think their home is fine the way it is, until they discover a damp and wet ground has crept in. Having a vapor barrier is helpful for crawl spaces, but it is not very effective and actually hides significant water problems. This is also true for basements and slabs that you cannot visually see the abnormal water buildup below the concrete. We can test for water intrusion so that your foundation does not crack to allow water to seep in over time. The presence of water can lead to huge issues down the road. Without the proper devices your groundwater will become extremely saturated with water that causes issues like leaks, mold, wood rot, pest infestations, and damaged foundation.

Installing a sump or ejector pump is what you will want to do, as they are designed to pull the surface and subsurface water away from your home. Whether you have a crawl space or slab, a sump pump will be your best solution. Ejector pumps are very similar but are designed for homes with basements. These devices route wastewater from basement fixtures like toilets, showers, and sinks uphill then away from your home. Accurate One Air Conditioning can help with your sump or ejector pump repair and installation for either your basement or crawl space.

Some Common Repairs with Sump Pumps:

Red Star
Red Star
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Circuit Breaker Trip From Power Outage

Burned Out Pump From Faulty Float Switch

Clog in Pump Intake or Discharge Line

Wrong Size Sump Pump

Improper Sump Pump Installation

Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star
Red Star
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Overworked Sump Pump

Clogged Sump Pump

Stuck Switch

No Water in Sump Pump

Pump Running Non-Stop

Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Repairing Your Sump Pump and Ejector Pump

Sump and ejector pumps are especially good at pulling the surface and subsurface water and redirecting it to the street or an overhead sewer. They work very quickly to bring about great results, but oftentimes they experience wear and tear to cause necessary repairs. Accurate One Air Conditioning is here to help with servicing or repairing your home's sump pump or ejector pump system.

Additionally, we offer servicing and installation for ejector pumps, which are often used to route wastewater away from your home's basement. Our experienced technicians are trained on the many different types of ejector pumps and will be able to efficiently complete your repair.

Sump Pump and Ejector Pump Installation in CA

Since plumbing pipes are often behind walls, beneath flooring, and in basements or crawl spaces it can make identifying a pipe leak difficult and cause frightening amounts of water damage if left undetected.

This is why Accurate One Air Conditioning takes pipe leaks very seriously and offers preventative services like leak detection methods, smoke tests, and camera inspections. We will identify and fix the leaking pipe no matter where it is in your home.

Contact us today and see why we are the most trusted plumbers in the Palm Desert, CA area.

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