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Generator Services in Spartanburg, SC

Are you looking for peace of mind for if the worst happens and your home loses electricity? Generac generators are emergency gas standby generators that automatically give you power once your home loses electricity from the grid.

You are protected whether there is a lightning strike taking out your power line, or if a strong hurricane comes through and floods the grid. At Accurate One Services we are experts in sizing your generator needs and installing it to a gas source and all of the necessary electrical connections.

We will make sure that your backup generator runs properly and is ready for its first power outage. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment now.

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Generac Generator Install

Power Outages in Spartanburg, South Carolina

In 2020, utility customers experienced 73% more power outages from the past year. With power outages on the rise, wouldn't it be great if you could stop worrying about what will happen if the power goes out? With Generac generators you can continue cooking, having hot water, running the HVAC system, and keeping your fridge cold once a power outage occurs. Even if the doors stay closed in your fridge then you have only 4 hours that the food will stay safe for. Not to mention the inconvenience of being left in the dark. Making an investment in a backup generator will pay off quickly by backing up your entire home.

Most power outages are due to severe weather that often occurs in Upstate South Carolina, and it's wise to be prepared. Every year there are on average 800 tornadoes that cause power outages, strong wind, and downed trees making repairing lines inaccessible. Not to mention hurricane season, which is the primary source of weather related power outages. With all these environmental concerns, this is why so many Spartanburg residents rely on generators to power your home's appliances. With all the different models of generators available, we'll help size yours to be a perfect fit for your home and then install it correctly. Contact Accurate One Services to get your Generac generator repaired or installed today.

Who Needs a Generac Generator?

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Red Star
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Living in areas of inclement weather

People who cook at home or utilize their refrigerator

Elderly people or those with medical devices

Those who can't stand the hot summers or cold winters


Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star - Accurate One Services
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High Quality Backup Generators by Generac

Having a permanently installed Generac backup home generator will protect your home automatically. It is exciting to install a home backup generator by Generac that is the most trusted and reliable manufacturer in the world. When you contact Accurate One Services we'll review your home's energy requirements and discuss with you which backup generator by Generac would be the best fit.


We'll also install, repair, and run maintenance checks on it for you throughout its lifespan. Contact us or schedule an appointment now and we’ll give you our expert services for your home’s backup Generac generators

Generac Generator Electric Box
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