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Electrical Work in Spartanburg, SC

Whether you want to make some lighting upgrades, or have some serious safety concerns about your home’s wiring - then Accurate One Services is who you need to get the job done. We are licensed and highly trained in electrical work for repairs or installation.

It is important to never attempt electrical repairs on your own as it can be extremely dangerous. The safety protocols and tools required are advanced and take years of training - which our technicians have. We offer the best electrical work for homeowners at unbeatable industry prices.

Begin your new project or fix electrical issues that you are experiencing by calling us or scheduling now.

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Expert Electrical Repairs

Accurate One Services will quickly troubleshoot your electrical repair concerns when we come out for a service call. Oftentimes older homes may experience electrical issues due to knob-and-tube wiring. Also, they may need additional outlets due to the increased electrical demand or have existing outlets replaced as they do not hold plugs anymore.
Although, new homes have been also prone to issues with the way their service panel was initially wired. Due to the rapid building practices in today’s market, it leaves homeowners with an unexpected cost down the road. This can include faulty breakers, poor wiring practices, and unprotected wiring. From small fixes to large repairs Accurate One Services is here to help you and just a call away.

Professional Electrical Services We Provide:

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Red Star
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Exhaust Fans

Ceiling Fans

Radon Vent Fans

Outdoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Red Star - Accurate One Services
Red Star - Accurate One Services
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Red Star
Red Star - Accurate One Services

Service Panels

Circuit Breakers

Smoke Detectors

Outlet Installation

Smart Switches

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Red Star - Accurate One Services
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Red Star - Accurate One Services

Dimmer Switches

Smart Home Systems

Security System Panels

Home Surge Protection Systems

Emergency Services

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Red Star - Accurate One Services

Faulty Breakers and Outlets Repair

The most recent technology of smart switches, also known as Z-Wave, have been known to have issues due to lightning strikes and need to be replaced occasionally. These are highly desirable since they are programmable, but need proper installation and repairs. Additionally, standard outlets may simply go out because the breaker goes bad that was servicing that location. Ignoring an electrical issue can turn serious like shorting appliances or even causing a fire hazard for your home.

This is when it is important to contact a certified technician from Accurate One Services who can quickly locate then fix the issue and at an affordable price. If your unit is in warranty, we will even make sure to contact the manufacturer and get a replacement part shipped out. While servicing your home’s electrical needs we will test your entire service panel and give you our expert advice on how to fix any issues. Give us a call today or schedule now to see why so many customers rely on Accurate One Services for their electrical work.

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Top Notch Electrical Installations in South Carolina

From ceiling fans to entire service panels, we are your one company to do everything. We take pride in helping you make the home you want and have decades of experience to give you guidance along the way. Our electricians are highly trained and certified in repairing wiring issues to grounding systems and installing home surge protection systems.

We take every project seriously and offer affordable prices, which is why Accurate One Services has become the go-to electrician team for Spartanburg, South Carolina residents and the surrounding areas. Call us or schedule now to get your faulty switches, breakers, or home improvement projects completed.

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